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SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 2010

Ali Bayse

Former Editor

Seattle Bride Magazine

The Coolest Engagement Video…

is ours! (If I do say so myself :)

The genius hubby-and-wife team of Lance Wagner and Trixie Lane at Seattle's Old School Pinups helped Todd and I recreate our meeting and engagement into the niftiest ever proposal/save-the-date video for the small wedding we're having late this summer and we couldn't be more thrilled. A while back we took some dress clothes to their studio (housed in an old mid-century-modern kindergarten) where Trixie brought out a spread of yummy snacks and cocktails before completely transforming me into a spitting-image version (humor me, please) of my Golden Era screen goddess idol, Myrna Loy, and then styled Todd into a retro-dapper version of himself.

I wore my own late 1920s beaded flapper dress in "part one" of the video, while Trixie lent me the adorable beret, beaded purse and "part two's" early-1930s gown from her mind-boggling vast dressing room of vintage clothing and accessories. (For the unitiated, Old School Pinups is a neat business that does full retro dress, hair and makeup makeovers and photo sessions for brides-to-be and their bridal parties for groom's gifts and bachelorette party photo shoots, among other things, like this video.) It took about an hour to set my hair and do my makeup and about 15 minutes for Todd to get a little powder and touch up :)

For his part, Lance was a real pro and so much fun to work with. He took hundreds of high-res photos in their Tiki Bar while gently directing us in our "roles," and then stitched them all together into what is essentially a flip-book movie, silent-era style. He and Trixie worked together researching old flapper sayings and making the caption cards placed throughout, and scoured the web to find authentic period music to score the film. Lance borrowed Todd's grandfather's watch from his Freemason days to show the passing of time, which nicely pairs with my grandmother's emerald ring my mother gave Todd for the proposal. When the video was all finished they invited us back to their studio where we were treated to the premier screening on their flat-screen TV! I have to say, we were pretty much freaking out. I've seen some cool save-the-date videos during my years working with brides, but I've never seen anything like this.

As my excess of exclamation points proves, we just had a blast working with Lance and Trixie, and are so excited to star in our very own silent movie mockumentary!

Ali Bayse

Ali Basye is an editor and writer, the author of The Long (and Short) of It: The Madcap History of the Skirt, the co-author of the upcoming book, The Newlywed Kitchen, and a contributor to two other books. From 2006 to 2010 she was the editor of Seattle Bride Magazine. Ali has appeared on The History Channel and TV shows such as Evening Magazine and Northwest Afternoon, discussed fashion and skirts on a number of radio stations, including NPR, and frequently talks about fashion, travel and journalism at conferences, trade shows, colleges and businesses. In addition to writing biannual West Coast style forecasts for Textile View magazine, she contributes to dozens of magazines, including Los Angeles, Sunset, Lexus, Virtuoso Life, Seattle and Alaska Airlines magazines. A native of Delaware and a graduate of Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, Ali lives in Seattle.


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